Change Yourself, Change The World

Change yourself, change the world. It’s all possible if you get yourself into the right habits of mastering money.

In this video you get to meet Julian Noel of Shine Entrepreneurs and I talk about taking control of money (rather than letting it control you!). The point is, if you master how to look after your money and take care of things that are important to you such as home life first, you then have the power to make a real change in the world.

Here on this blog, we’ve recently been talking about steps to financial intelligence. These are elementary steps which we all need to grasp, yet many still do not – remember there is a big difference between a rich lifestyle and actually being wealthy!

That being said, true wealth is about a lot more than how much money you have and that’s where Shine Entrepreneurs come in. As stated on their manifesto:

“We believe the purpose of life is to shine,
to inspire and be inspired,
to connect and collaborate
and courageously transform the world through entrepreneurship.”

This ties in well with UNstoppables and what we stand for – providing think-tanks around innovation, economic issues and major global environmental and social problems .

Our next major event for entrepreneurs is an expedition to Antarctica in January 2015 with over 100 top Australian entrepreneurs and thought-leaders. It will be an exciting incubator to exchange ideas, create opportunities, network and collaborate, all while taking in the setting of one of the most adventurous destinations on Earth. We are excited by what will be made possible!

So, master your money and take care of what’s important to you, but don’t forget to look for true purpose. What will really fulfill you? Change yourself, change the world…

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