Why Collaboration Is The Way Forward

Have you noticed how much energy, drive and passion the amazing entrepreneurs and thought leaders in this country bring? It is exciting to see so many people willing to take action, be disruptive and try new things to get to the future first. But have you ever noticed what often happens with people’s great ideas? Too often great ideas don’t come to fruition because people are worried about speaking up or they don’t know the next step.

In a traditional model of the business world, ideas are closely guarded with the worry that competitors might get hold of them and do them instead. Or, employees who may have some of the best ideas are often worried about being laughed at if they speak up. The thing with this kind of environment where ideas are closely guarded or simply not discussed is that it doesn’t encourage innovation.

If you are an entrepreneur or solopreneur, think about how difficult this sort of mentality could make things in your life and business. Do you know everything there is to know about the different aspects of your business? Or even how to get funding for a new idea, how to syndicate or how to grow your business? The chances are that answer is no, who does?

That’s where encouraging collaboration and even reaching out to other businesses or entrepreneurs comes in. Why collaboration? It’s the incubator of good ideas and a means to growth through the sharing of knowledge. You might have top ideas but not so much business acumen, someone else might have a wealth of business experience but be searching for good ideas. Together we can make these ideas grow and improve their chances of success.

It’s something to consider if you have been the classic hoarder of good ideas that just need a boost to get off the ground, or if you’ve been racking your brains for bright new ideas in your business. Create an open environment where sharing of ideas is welcome. A surprising number of successful business ventures have started through nothing more than a casual conversation!

Collaboration is a big part of the spirit behind the Unstoppables journey to Antarctica in January 2015. 117 of Australia’s brightest entrepreneurs will travel together on a boat, share ideas and inspire each other along the way. It’s a chance for collaboration to help those ideas that come out in casual conversation to become the next successful business…