The habits I cultivated to become a millionaire

Unless you win the lottery, chances of becoming a millionaire isn’t something you’re going to achieve overnight. Among other things, making the following habits stick has been one of my ‘secrets’ to becoming a successful entrepreneur and millionaire.

I hire the right people
Talent, talent, talent! Hiring a diverse range of people with different talent and skills is a cornerstone to my success. I recognise my own weaknesses and ‘fill the gaps’ with amazing people who I trust to better my businesses. Letting go of the reins and delegating to the people best suited to the task is a recipe for growth, progress and, ultimately, success.

I get specific with my goals
Lofty goals and faraway dreams aren’t going to get you anywhere. Any goal I set, whether it’s personal or business related, is actionable and measurable. If I can’t put a plan in place to achieve my goal, it drops off my radar. I break my goals into manageable ‘to-dos’ and then add in dates to achieve by. Goals without action are meaningless.

I know where my money is and where it has to go
Getting real with your finances is the only way you’re going to become a millionaire. If you don’t have a good picture of where you stand you’ll never be able to move forward. Working closely with your accountant and financial advisor so you have visibility of your net worth, and where money is coming and going is paramount. I also always know when big expenses are coming up so I am able to plan for them in advance.

Investing in the right resources
Aside from hiring the most talented staff who complement myself and my businesses I also make sure to invest in other resources when required. The right resources for the job make things incredibly easy for my team and myself. I make sure I invest in all the right tools and equipment like computer hardware, required software and top notch service providers.

I expand my vision and push my limits
We all have self-limiting beliefs about money — no matter how much of it we have. By allowing yourself to drop these self-imposed limitations on how much money you can “have” you open the doors to unlimited wealth.

Do you have a ‘millionaire habit’ of your own? Share it with us below.