The Importance of Knowing your Niche

Many people struggle with how to sell their brand. To promote your business effectively you need a “niche” (or target audience) that lets everyone know what you’re about. Think of a niche like a bulls-eye target — and if you hit it on the head you will have a much better chance of selling your product.

For example, if you write blogs you need a focus for your blog topic: if you write about cars, what area of cars do you specialise in and why should people read your blog? Focusing on the topic of cars is fine, but you need a laser focus to cater to a target audience — they need to want what you sell and you have to be the only one who can provide it for them. Some examples of niches for cars include: nascar driving, sports cars, tuning up cars, car maintenance and upkeep, trucks, monster trucks, etc. Think of it this way: every general topic like cars is an umbrella topic — your umbrella protects you from falling raindrops (or topics) and it covers the general topic you have chosen — you have to pick a focus for that to draw people in. But how do you apply a focus to your work when there are so many out there?

It’s easy. Hone in on your “topic-zone” and prune it until you find something you are passionate about — just make sure it’s not too general or too specific — and will appeal to a larger audience. The key is to find balance: you don’t want to cater to too large of an audience or you will have nothing of importance to say (and no one will read your blog if it’s too specific).

The catch is to find out what is the “perfect” topic that reaches enough people but allows you to be relevant. And that is the challenge and beauty of creating a niche for your own brand be it a blog, small business store, start-up, or website.

Another way you can think about your niche is this — what would you want to read about on a blog? What would interest you as a potential customer?

Sometimes it’s helpful to put yourself in the reader’s shoes and visualize what would and would not work in a business (and sometimes the latter will help grow your business stronger). This process can help you to visualize and generate new and unique ideas that will propel you to success.