Financial Intelligence: Letting Go Of Fear

What are your beliefs and feelings about money? Most of us hold onto some, whether consciously or unconsciously and these could have even been there due to influences during childhood. For many people, money is associated with negative emotions – perhaps there was never enough or money seemed to be at the root of all…

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Financial Intelligence: Understanding Debt

Debt – it’s a word that can hang heavy over many, especially when it feels like it is out of control. Debts are the most likely reason for people to reach a financial point of no return and tip towards bankruptcy, or for people to live payday to payday. Debts are also one of the…

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Financial Intelligence: Know Where Your Money Will Be

This is the first post in a series looking at the steps you can take to attain financial intelligence.  Financial intelligence means equipping yourself with the tools and strategies to manage money well and achieve the best possible financial outcomes. One part of the equation is not only knowing where you money is and what…

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Can You Survive In A Slow Economy?

The business and finance news in Australia lately has been full of talk of an economic slump, of the threats to the Australian economy from a credit crunch in China and a slow down in the mining “boom”. All of this can seem quite frightening for your prospects as the average Aussie worker, investor, or…

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Taking The Plunge: How Do You Make Financial Decisions?

Making a  financial decision can be a daunting thing for many people, especially if you are looking at committing a large sum to that decision! Research from Pew Charitable Trust in the US concluded that (surprise!) the majority of people are not very good financial decision makers. The decisions they are making are keeping them…

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Should You Really Follow Your Passion?

We’ve all heard it regularly said that in life and business, you should follow your passion or you simply won’t find the rewards you are looking for. Personally, I believe that if you are starting a business, it needs to be something that you truly are enthusiastic about and that you are able to fall…

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How Much Do You Need To Retire?

How much do you need to retire ? It’s not an easy question to answer but have you ever actually sat down and thought about what your number is? For many people I come across, it is enough to be paying the mortgage and putting the kids through school – having an actual goal figure…

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Financial Independence: Do You Have A Choice?

“Australia is in the grip of an underemployment epidemic, as new research reveals that 784,000 people are struggling to find more hours to earn more pay.” ( – from Australian Bureau of Statistics) We see many headlines of financial doom in the Australian media – and we do need to take them seriously. Underemployment, workplace discrimination,…

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How To Measure Innovation and Get To The Future First!

How to measure innovation is a question that is often difficult to answer. I have spoken before about the importance of innovation and how I see it to be one of the great challenges in Australia, but of course as any prudent business owner wants to know, what is innovation and how can that be…

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Join The Party! Get To The Future First with Unstoppables

What does it mean to get to the future first? To me it means exploring new opportunities, meeting with mentors and game-changers and importantly, innovating where necessary. Unstoppables is an exciting opportunity for those with an entrepreneurial spirit to play a bigger game. It’s a meeting of the minds for some of Australia’s most innovative and…

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