Why Who You Hang Out With Matters

Have you ever heard that saying ” who you hang out with is who you become “? An alternative that I have heard of is that you become the average of the 5 people who you hang out with the most. This makes sense when you think about it – how often do we catch…

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6 Keys to Entrepreneurial Success

Deciding to move away from the “safety” of having a secure job and pursuing your own entrepreneurial endeavours is certainly not the easy option for most! The statistics for failure within the first 5 years of business are huge and this can be a daunting prospect. That being said, we need our entrepreneurs – new…

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The Future of Entrepreneurship in Australia?

What is the future of entrepreneurship in Australia? I was recently interviewed by Sky News to talk about the Unstoppables Antarctica trip and the state of entrepreneurship in Australia (see the interview in the video above!). One of the things I have noticed which I really love about Australia is the hunger of young entrepreneurs…

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How Much Do You Invest In Education?

One question I get asked a fair bit is: ” Julio, how do I make money?” Well, the answer to that is simple, but not necessarily easy: money is made the same way it has been since it was invented – by providing some kind of value in exchange for it, then putting that money…

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5 Benefits of Taking a Break

Do you ever find that a day has gone by and you haven’t really taken a break from work at all? Increasingly, people are reporting either not taking breaks, eating lunch at their desks or taking shortened breaks during their work day. A survey conducted last year by The Australia Institute for November’s “Go Home…

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Entrepreneurial Tips: 10 Tips for Entrepreneurial Success!

I get asked a lot of questions with regard to entrepreneurial tips – I love the appetite that people out there have to create something themselves and contribute to their families, communities and the economy!  Of course becoming an entrepreneur is not easy – you will need to breach comfort zones and accept some level…

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Financial Matters: Have You Been Hypnotized to Fail Financially?

Have you been hypnotized to fail financially? Unfortunately, it is common practice that we are not having those conversations about financial matters that we should be. Money and the possibilities of creating wealth often seem to exist on some external plain for many – it’s a ‘maybe’ or a ‘one day’. A friend once said…

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Why You Should Pay Yourself First

Do you go to work in order to work for money? Or does your money work for you? The fact is only 5% of us will be comfortably wealthy – what are you doing about hanging on to your share? It’s time to make a switch, and part of that comes with learning to pay…

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How to Build Your Investment Portfolio: The Chain Reaction

Hi guys! In today’s post I really wanted to take the chance to explain how to build your investment portfolio. At JDL Strategies we teach a strategy that is beautiful in its simplicity – The Chain Reaction. What is The Chain Reaction? It’s a system whereby the equity in your current investments is used to…

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How to Stop Working For Money

What would you say if I told you to stop working for money? In this video I explain why: money is a tool which should be working for you, not the other way around. For many people, this is a major switch in thinking – we are often conditioned to grow up, get a job…

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