Four ways to be a better boss

We constantly strive to be better people: we want to be better husbands and wives, better siblings, better friends, improve our skills and be well-liked. Regardless of what we want to improve, we always find ourselves striving to be better in some way and the workplace is no different.

Here are some ways you can strive to be a better boss:


Listening is an important skill to have, especially if you are a manager. You need to listen to your people to know what they want and be aware of any problems they are having at work.

If you don’t listen to anyone’s concerns then how will you know what is frustrating them? Would you want your boss to never listen to anything you say? Put yourself in their shoes and ask what qualities you would want in a boss to improve your managerial skills.


Perhaps even more important than listening to your people is watching them work. You need to be able to know how your people work: you need to know how they go about doing certain tasks, what their general attitude is like, how fast they work, how efficient they are, and how personable they are. The only way you can ever know these things is by observing them and building on your knowledge of what their work ethic is like — and what you can remark on for further improvement — to get a better handle of what your employees are like while they are working.

I do not mean direct observation is always needed — but it mostly comes down to the fact that you are asking yourself do I know enough about this person to be able to direct them towards success and the goals I want to achieve?

If not, then start getting a handle on your workplace by observing what goes on around you every day.

Be Firm but Fair

Nobody likes a boss who is a stickler. But nobody likes the boss who caters to everyone’s needs either.

You need to find a balance between the two and you need to find a balance between firm and fair.

But as you try to accomplish this, remember to be reasonable. You should be strict when it comes to accomplishing what you want for your business — but be realistic and reasonable about the goals you set for your employees. Are they attainable? Are they reasonable?

If not, go back to the drawing board and revise. Think of how you can set goals for your employees that they can accomplish without feeling overly overwhelmed or stressed, but not in a way that they can breeze through the day.

Ask for their Opinion

It’s always nice to be asked what your opinion is on something — just think of the last time somebody asked your opinion on something. What was it for? I bet it made you feel valued and respected.

So why would you not treat your employees with the same respect that you expect?

If you make everyone feel valued, then you will see huge improvements in people’s attitudes at work, which will boost their efficiency and deliver you the results that you need for your financial success.

What are your tips for being a ‘better boss’? Tell us in the comments below.



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