Born into a prominent Brazilian family with a rich business heritage, Julio De Laffitte was learning the principles of wealth creation when most children his age were still learning to ride a bicycle. By his late teens, he had established several thriving enterprises in his home town of Rio de Janeiro, including a clothing manufacturer and food retail business.

On graduating from secondary school he studied economics, before the appeal of fresh challenges drew him to Australia. He arrived with no English, no knowledge of the Australian business culture, no business contacts, and no starting capital. Within seven years Julio had mastered the language, attained a commerce degree and diploma in financial planning, and built substantial business interests with an enviable net worth.

Not long after he sought ways to protect that wealth and generate additional income. A firm believer in the long term benefits of property he sought good investments but he couldn’t find all the services he needed including financial planning, accounting, finance, and property investment and management services. This frustration resulted in Julio bringing together all those services in one location.

Today JDL Strategies is one of the most successful wealth generators in the country with more than 100 staff in all major Australian markets and plans to expand into New Zealand and Canada. More than 100,000 people have attended his events and thousands thank him for the financial intelligence he has given them.