In early 2014 Julio launched another company called Unstoppables.

Unstoppables is a movement dedicated to igniting entrepreneurial spirit and taking entrepreneurs, business owners and investors to the next level through the power of collaboration. His finance knowledge plays a critical part in this venture as his primary aim through Unstoppables is to boost the Australian economy.

In January 2015 Julio De Laffitte realised a dream when the first Unstoppables journey took place in one of the most remote and unique locations in the world – Antarctica.106 entrepreneurs were on board – all were changed for the experience. Now they are the ones doing the changing and the world is taking notice.

The event became a movement that introduced a new way of encapsulating what the journey had produced - the Unstoppable Entrepreneur.

More than 98 new, innovative businesses were formed as a result of the first Unstoppables event – $15 million was offered in strategic alliances, partnerships and sponsorships. And 40% of those on board invested in someone else’s business.

The next stop for Unstoppables is Brazil in 2016 - an 11-day think tank in the heart of the Amazon. Entrepreneurs will collaboration and explore disruptive technologies, build new networks, swap and grow ideas, share and develop techniques and secrets and create opportunities spawned from an inspiring environment of unparalleled adventure and breathtaking landscapes.