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Selling your Brand: How to Use Personal Networking to Expand your Client Base

Business Networking

It is easy to forget to “sell” our businesses to other people. But if you want to grow your business you need to be able to market your brand to new, potential customers often and effectively.

Use Business Cards

A business card is a great example of one way you can market your business and expand it to a new audience (that would have otherwise remained untapped).

Business cards give people a reason to call you; by giving someone a card with your name and contact information on it you are allowing them to be reminded of you. By carrying the physical card on them, you avoid the risk of being plunged into the depths of their memory and being forgotten. And you don’t want that. Plus, it looks professional and puts you on their radar as someone who cares about what they do.

Simply put, giving someone a business card improves your chances of them buying your product or service and anything that propels your success is worth trying.

Use your Portfolio to Highlight your Unique Abilities

A portfolio tells someone what you have done by providing them with examples of your work. It could be digital or manual, but how you build it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you build one: by building a portfolio, you are reminding people that you are an acclaimed entrepreneur because of verified reasons. For example, if you are a businessman with a start-up company looking to grow their client base, give clients your personal website that highlights your business goals. Not only is a portfolio professional, but it will show them exactly why they should hire you instead of someone else. And by giving people great reasons to hire you, you cannot lose.

Just remember to focus your portfolio around the client base you want to attract, and you will see your business grow exponentially.

Use Social Media

This is a good method to draw on your current client base to reach new customers — this could be through simple word of mouth, or something more complicated such as making your own page for your business on Facebook or Twitter. The good thing about social media is that it is so versatile — and free — and you can reach a large audience that is available on internet platforms. However, just keep in mind that your advertising is targeted — because if you reach out to a great number of people without a purpose in mind, your brand might lose some of it’s niche selling power.

Reach out to Professionals in the Industry you are in

This is a tricky tip because it is so general, but it is important for you to reach out to entrepreneurs in your business field because it will help you make business connections. Look for local events or conferences you can attend that will help you get a leg up in your field. Use LinkedIn. Ask around — through phone or friends. Look online for portfolios that you can observe and compare to your own. Researching your competition is a great way to see how your own progress matches up against your competitors and challenge yourself to change anything that isn’t working in your business strategy.

You can also ask people for advice. After all, there is no harm in asking — and maybe you will learn something new in the process.

What are your strategies for networking and which ones have worked best for you?

Let me know by leaving a comment below.




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