Julio De Laffitte
Entrepreneur | Educator | Empowerer

One of the most successful wealth generators in Australia, Julio De Laffitte is a recognised authority on investment and wealth building strategies for more than 28 years. His mission is to raise the financial intelligence of Australia.



Julio De Laffitte, Founder of JustDoLife™, UnstoppablesMedigrow and JDL Strategies.

Julio immigrated to Australia 30 years ago from Brazil, without speaking a word of English, and without a dollar to his name. He went on to become a self-made multi-millionaire through property investment. Today he continues to help everyday Australians to become financially savvy and generate real wealth.

His ultimate quest is to raise the financial intelligence of ALL Australians so they can build the lives and lifestyle they want. And he created JustDoLife™ to do exactly that.

The Numbers Do Matter

in Real Estate
Property Investors
in Strategic



WealthGoal™ Software: A New Beginning

Inside this cutting edge software enter your financial numbers and see if you can retire with the lifestyle you want.

Don't judge a book by its cover!

“The beginning of happiness may be hidden in doubling your Accountant’s fees!”

Julio DeLaffitte


Julio's Press Kit.

Here you can access more information of Julio and his entrepreneurial, philanthropic and education endeavours.

Julio is a sought after speaker on financial matters, having prsented to Australia Parliament 3 times and is focused on raising the financial intelligence of Australia. to book Julio for a speaking engagement then contact us directly.

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For the best financial education and to learn more about Julio’s upcoming events, to book him for a presentation or simply to get in touch, send your message to Julio & Team today.

Let's have a conversation and change the world.

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